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The formula of the love

“L’amore è un problema e come ogni problema, per risolverlo, bisogna applicare una formula. La soluzione del problema dipende da diverse variabili: alcune ci vengono date dal problema stesso, altre vengono calcolate. Se vuoi ottenere il giusto risultato a questo ancestrale problema occorre che ricavi prima I dati mancanti per poterli poi applicare alla formula dell’amore”.

Just yesterday, I laid out this consideration. I’m hoping that love have got a rule but in the meantime I can’t believe I’m saying this. Until find out that is possible can coexist scientific thought and love. That was taken by a British physicist Paul Dirac (1902-1984). The formula that he sums up with (∂ + m) ψ = 0 encapsulates a lot of what we believe. Dirac,  quantum mechanics co-founder, describes the entanglement quantum phenomenon (il “groviglio”) focused on all that correlation from a distance that arise among observable physic quantity by systems are involved. These correlations, according to Dirac, operate as an argument for no-separability among the events.

“If two systems interacting with one another for a certain period, they can no longer be described as both separate systems but somehow they became an only system. In other words, what’s happening to one of them continues to sway the other, even though they are far away miles or light years”.
[Se due sistemi interagiscono tra loro per un certo periodo di tempo e poi vengono separati, non possono più essere descritti come due sistemi distinti, ma in qualche modo, diventano un unico sistema. In altri termini, quello che accade a uno di loro continua ad influenzare l’altro, anche se distanti chilometri o anni luce].

This story seem a fiction but it’s a scientific truth. If applied to coupledom, this formula, could generate what we call “eternal love”. Dirac says that if two people put them-self in relation, for a long time, and at the last they build a friendship or a loving relationship, when they will suffer a detachment will be impossible consider them as individuals but as a couple. Whatever, distance and different experiences they will continue to interact with each other for ever.
In view of these facts, are not urgently required the psychology?


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